Cheshire East
Safeguarding Adults Board

About us

Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board is a group of partner organisations. It is made up of a wide range of statutory, independent and voluntary agencies and organisations. These all work together to keep adults, particularly those who are more at risk, safe from the possibility of abuse, harm or exploitation. Therefore, the aim of the board is to help and protect adults at risk (safeguarding) in Cheshire East. We also promote the wellbeing of adults, ensuring that safeguarding activities are of a high quality and in line with the Care Act 2014.

‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ is at the heart of the Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board, working with adults at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation to ensure adults are safe as they want to be and are helped to make their own decisions.

Partner agencies

The Safeguarding Adults Board is made up of local agencies that are either statutory (as described in the Care Act) or non-statutory partners including:

Service User Reference Group

Any member of the public, including people who use services and have an interest in stopping adult abuse can be part of the Service User Reference Group. The group is a mix of service users, their carers, advocates, members of the public and agencies that work with service users. 

The group meets quarterly to talk about how people can keep safe from adult abuse in the Cheshire East area. The group also meets socially at least once per year in acknowledgement of the good work the group does to keep people safe. The group links with local partnerships to make sure that everyone works well together. The Safeguarding Adults Board is led by the work the Service User Reference Group does and the advice it offers. 

The Group is chaired by Lynne Turnbull, CEO, Disability Positive.

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