Cheshire East
Safeguarding Adults Board

Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board (CESAB) Mission Statements

The Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board are a group of people who work together to keep people safe from abuse and harm. The work they do is called safeguarding. Abuse is when a person is treated in a bad way or in a way that makes them feel frightened or unhappy, harms, or exploits them.

The government introduced a law in April 2015 called the Care Act. This law makes sure that every area has its own Safeguarding Adults Board.

The Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board will do the following:

  1. tell people who to contact about abuse if they are worried
  2. provide information by talking to people, providing leaflets and putting information online
  3. make sure that people can make their own decisions
  4. listen to people and their families so that they are treated with respect and dignity
  5. check that those who look after people do their job well
  6. work with other organisations to help people who are abused or neglected
  7. check that advocates (people who can support you) are provided if you need help
  8. tell people what we learn so things can be done better in future
  9. check that adults feel as safe as they want to be
  10. support young people as they reach adulthood